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Thursday, May 9

           Uche Odiatu, DMD
           Do Your Patients Have the Guts to Enjoy Oral Health?
           Time:  12:30 - 3:30 pm
           Course Code:  T 200
           Fee:  Dentists $60   All Others $25

           Quick Summary:  “Any changes to your health history?”  “Nothing that affects my teeth.”  “Your mouth is con-
           nected to your body; let’s try that again.”

           Course Description:  Your gut flora.  Your resident microbiome.  Your 100 trillion little friends that call your
           body home.  Microscopic, yet enough to make your skin crawl.  The latest research shows they influence your
           patients’ metabolism, mood, immune system, food cravings, oral health & yes, even their personality.

           Learning Objectives: Gain insight into the science of the human microbiome.  Learn why NEW findings about
           your patients’ gut flora are shaking the very foundation of health care & nutrition.  Understand why the dental pro-
           fessional is perfectly positioned to help ALL people live more vibrant lives NOW.  Discover the foundational role
           of your patient’s gut integrity & inflammation.

           Course most appropriate for:  All Attendees
           C.E. Hours:  3 clinical hours
           Academy of General Dentistry Code:  018

           Cameron A. Kuehne, DMD, MS
           Dental Sleep Medicine for the General Dentist - Beyond The Basics
           Time:  1:00 - 4:00 pm
           Course Code:  T 210
           Fee:  Dentists $55   All Others $15

           Quick Summary:  So you’ve done some previous study on the subject.  Your interest is piqued and you want to
           take your knowledge base a step further.  Dr. Kuehne expands the topic for those who want to take their care of
           patients to another level.

           Course Description:  Dr. Kuehne will expand upon his morning lecture to explain why some people clench and
           how obstructive sleep apnea is related to sleep bruxism.  He will explain different options for titrating oral appli-
           ances.  He will also go into depth on how to avoid side effects related to oral appliance therapy.  He will finish the
           day with unique case studies.

           Learning Objectives: Learn how to avoid side effects.  Learn how to titrate oral appliances.  Understand the link
           between bruxism and obstructive sleep apnea.

           Course most appropriate for:  Dentists, Hygienists, and Clinical Assistants
           C.E. Hours:  3 clinical hours
           Academy of General Dentistry Code:  160


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