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Thursday, May 9

           Martin Trope, DDS
           Anatomically Driven Endodontics
           Time:  8:15 - 11:15 am
           Course Code:  T 100
           Fee:  Dentists $55   All Others $15

           Quick Summary:  New technology yields a more effective way to perform endodontic treatment with a higher
           level of success.

           Course Description:  The XP family of endodontic instruments has been modeled to achieve a fusion of technol-
           ogy and biology that integrates all variables essential for predictable endodontic success.  The super-elasticity and
           shape-memory of the alloy used in XP instruments facilitates expansion and adaptation into canal morphology
           where traditional in-the-round NiTi files are unable to reach with any margin of safety.  This enables maximal de-
           bridement and disinfection without changes to the original canal shape and ensures minimal removal of intra-canal
           dentin.  This ultra-conservative root treatment can then be filled using bio-ceramic technologies that do not require
           excessive preparation in the coronal component of the root canal space to accommodate obturation procedures.

           Learning Objectives: Comprehend the scientifically-based biologic requirements for endodontic success.  Un-
           derstand the limitations of files that creates a round shape.  Understand the latest generation of technologies that
           allows us to clinically obtain the essential biologic goals for success.

           Course most appropriate for:  Dentists
           C.E. Hours:  3 clinical hours
           Academy of General Dentistry Code:  070

           Cameron A. Kuehne, DMD, MS
           Dental Sleep Medicine for the General Dentist - The Basics
           Time:  8:15 - 11:15 am
           Course Code:  T 110
           Fee:  Dentists $55   All Others $15

           Quick Summary:  So just when did AIRWAY become such a hot topic in dentistry?  An abundance of courses are
           out there on the subject.  But the recommendations and protocols for patients with airway challenges (a topic that
           was previously foreign to the dental team) are wide and varied.  Dr. Kuehne simplifies the discussion and makes
           the dental team more comfortable diagnosing and providing care where appropriate.

           Course Description:  Dr. Kuehne will lead a discussion that will include the basics of upper airway anatomy, an
           overview of the importance of treating obstructive sleep apnea, screening and diagnosing, examination and appli-
           ance selection.

           Learning Objectives: Learn pertinent upper airway anatomy.  Understand proper screening practices.  Learn
           about different oral appliance options.

           Course most appropriate for:  Dentists, Hygienists, and Clinical Assistants
           C.E. Hours:  3 clinical hours
           Academy of General Dentistry Code:  160


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