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Dental Hygienists’ Track

               When it comes to patient education, dental hygienists are on the front line, often serving as a liaison
               between the patient and dentist.  Patients look to their hygienists for information on available proce-
               dures and specific treatment being recommended for their oral health care.  Consequently, hygienists
               must possess a broad scope of knowledge relative to dental procedures, techniques, dental materials, and
               treatment outcomes and must be able to relate that knowledge in a manner that engenders compassion and
               confidence.  Our Conference recognizes the unique educational needs and interests of hygienists.  While
               hygienists may register for any continuing education session, the meeting planners give our recommenda-
               tion for the following courses that we feel broaden the scope of hygienists’ field of expertise.

               Day           Speaker                      Summary
               Thursday      Dr. Molly Rosebush           (1) Oral pathology
                                                          (2) Oral ulcers; causes & treatment

               Thursday      Dr. Uche Odiatu              (1) How our patients’ general health affects oral health
                                                          (2) The oral cavity is connected to the rest of the body

               Thursday      Dr. Harold Crossley          (1) Poor outcomes can be affected by medication
                                                          (2) Some of your patients are abusing drugs; what to know

               Thursday      Dr. Cameron Kuehne           What to say when patients ask you about snoring and
                                                          sleep apnea

               Friday        Nancy Dewhirst, RDH          (1) Microbes are EVERYWHERE; how to protect you
                                                          and your patients
                                                          (2) Instrument sharpening & ergonomics workshop

               Friday        Dr. Hisham Nasr              Hygienists & dentists must work together to achieve
                                                          optimal soft tissues to enhance esthetics

               Friday        Dr. Jeffrey Okeson           Understanding TMD disorders is NOT just for the dentist

               Friday        Dr. Paul Feuerstein          New technology is changing (and improving) how we
                                                          establish an accurate diagnosis

               Saturday      Carol Jahn, RDH              (1) Why aren’t your periodontal patients’ tissues
                                                          responding the way you believe they should?
                                                          (2) What you learned in hygiene school that may no
                                                          longer be as effective or accurate

               Saturday      Dr. Brian Novy               (1) The most hilarious look at plaque you’ll ever see
                                                          (2) The science of clinical cariology has never been
                                                          funnier; be prepared to laugh while you learn

               Saturday      Kathleen Brown               Basic life support, CPR license renewal


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