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Course Index

            Kathleen Brown                                       S 520                 $90                   $90

            Carol Jahn                                           S 530                 $50                   $15
            Brian Novy                                           S 540                 $50                   $15
            Susan Gunn                                           S 550                 $40                   $15
            Jeff Januszek                                        S 560                 $55                   $15
            John Barksdale                                       S 570                 $80                    x
              SATURDAY AFTERNOON COURSES                    Course Code            Dentist Fee         All Others Fee
            Robert Lowe                                          S 600                 $60                   $10
            Brian Novy                                           S 610                 $40                   $10
            Carol Jahn                                           S 620                 $40                   $10

           Speaker Subject Matter

                  SPEAKER INDEX                SUBJECT MATTER
                  Barksdale, Dr. John          Implant placement; extraction socket preservation
                  Blair, Dr. Charles           Insurance coding; practice management
                  Brown, Kathleen              Basic life support (CPR renewal)
           NEW  Buckingham Strategic           Financial management
                  Crossley, Dr. Harold         Pharmacology; dental implications of drug abuse
                  Dewhirst, Nancy**            Infection control; instrument sharpening; ergonomics
                  Douglas, Dr. Earl            Practice marketablility
                  Feuerstein, Dr. Paul **      Current technology
           NEW  Green, Dr. Erin                Technology & dental materials
                  Gunn, Susan                  Ethics; embezzlement
                  Hamilton, Nick               Utilizing technology to achieve HIPAA compliance
                  Henry Schein Dental          Dental equipment maintenance
           NEW  Jahn, Carol                    Dental hygiene
           NEW  Januszek, Jeff                 Social media marketing
                  Kuehne, Dr. Cameron          Sleep disordered breathing; airway
           NEW  Lowe, Dr. Robert **            Fixed prosthetics; composites; restorative dentistry
           NEW  Millis, Joy                    Case acceptance; patient recall and retention
                  Nasr, Dr. Hisham             Periodontics; soft tissue management for teeth & implants
           NEW  Novy, Dr. Brian                Cariology, biofilm
                  Odiatu, Dr. Uche             Wellness, health, nutrition
           NEW  Okeson, Dr. Jeffrey**          Temporomandibular disorders
           NEW  Rosebush, Dr. Molly            Oral pathology
           NEW  Trope, Dr. Martin**            Endodontics                                NEW = new speaker to this
                                                                                          ** = Dentistry Today’s 2019
                                                                                          Leaders in Dental C.E.

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