Bassett PM

Saturday, April 22, 2023, 12:45 pm - 3:45 pm 

3 Clinical Hours

Course Fee: D - $60    Other - $23

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Speaker: Dr. Joyce Bassett

Course Title: The Complex Aesthetic Case: When & How to Open the Vertical

Course Description: 

Failures in dentistry are frequently blamed on materials, but in reality, many times we, the dentist are the culprit. We treat the anterior teeth as cosmetic challenges, and we forget to look at the relationship of form and function.  This presentation will simplify occlusion by combining dental facial treatment planning in combination with function. By applying a few basic principles, we can design the proper amount of restorative space for our restorations. This innovative, fast pace course will explore aesthetics that are BUILT TO LAST.

Course Objectives:

1.   Learn how to diagnose and treatment plan an aesthetic case.

2.   Evaluate the patient's incisor position and morphology, their dento-facial requirements, and implement the techniques to determine the appropriate vertical dimension, and create synergy between form and function.

3.   Understanding distinctive steps to simplify restorative preparations and identify which adhesives and restorative materials work the best for maximum predictability.

bassettSpeaker Bio: Dr. Bassett is committed to helping her patients maintain and achieve the ultimate in dental health and cosmetic restoration.  Her expertise and education is reflected by the fact that she is one of 36 dentists worldwide and is the only dentist in Arizona to obtain Accredited Fellow status. An Accredited Fellow is the highest level of clinical achievement and credential earned in the Academy and denotes the final level of achievement. An Accredited Fellow must meet all of the requirements of an Accredited Member and successfully present 45 out of 50 additional clinical cases that meet the Accreditation standard of excellence set forth by the American Board of Cosmetic Dentistry. Dr. Bassett is the 36th Fellow and the only Accredited Fellow in Arizona, to pass a vigorous case presentation examination.