Rasner PM

Thursday, April 20, 2023, 1:15 pm – 4:15 pm 

3 Clinical Hours

Course Fee: Dentists: $68, Other: $28

AGD Codes: 343

Speaker: Dr. Steven Rasner

Course Title: Part 2- The Thriving Independent Fee for Service Practice — The Clinical Requisites Required to Achieve Independence (this is a continuation from Part 1.)

Course Description: 

A lecture for the entire dental team. This course will provide a real world recipe for breaking away from third-party carriers and regaining your independence.

Dr. Rasner will cover:

• The clinical criteria for today’s independent practice.

• The safest and most profound oral sedation protocol presently unknown to you.

• An exact blueprint for atraumatic tooth removal that you should be performing. From pre-op preparation to suturing to post-op instruction.

• An introduction to surgical and prosthetic implant treatment that you need to be doing. Early case selection, standard of care bone grafting, predictable outcomes.

• Treatment planning in a challenged economy. How to responsibly recommend and provide valuable care to patients with a compromised budget. Putting out the fires cases.

In addition, he will speak on:

• The Fail-Proof Blueprint for the new graduate and for the stagnant practice.

• Four simple principles for 90% case acceptance.

• The art of getting paid up front and real world ways to reduce overhead.

• What you need to become a superstar when you weren’t born one. Why patching that filling, bonding with the new patient, and waiting to present comprehensive care down the road is killing your practice.

• The hidden jewels: the $250,000 that 99% of practices leave on the table each year.

• Protocols: what they are and why you’ll never grow without them.

• The weakest link to your profitability.

• How to solve any problem in your day in the fewest possible steps.

• How to keep staff with you for many years without going broke.

• Why most practices waste marketing dollars chasing the wrong market and more …

Course Objectives:

  1. Describe the clinical criteria for today’s independent practice.
  2. Recite the safest and most profound oral sedation protocol.
  3. Be familiar with pre-op to post op the exact blueprint for atraumatic tooth removal.
  4. Understand early case selection, standard of care bone grafting, predictable outcomes of surgical and prosthetic implant treatment.
  5. Understand treatment planning in a challenged economy

RasnerSpeaker Bio: Dr. Steven Rasner has taught for 19 years in 42 American states and five countries abroad. He has been recognized in Dentistry Today’s Top Clinical Educators for ten consecutive years. He has won speaking awards in Australia (2006), Toronto (2007), and South Carolina (2012). Dr. Rasner received a lifetime achievement award in 2011 from the organization, Excellence in Dentistry. In 2001, he received a United States Congressional Recognition award for two decades of public service. Dr. Rasner has over 50 publications in many industry journals and has authored three books. He has nurtured a solo practice in Southern New Jersey that is considered by many as the gold standard of the general practice; remaining independent from 3rd party insurances and commanding top fees (producing north of 4.5 million) in a challenging part of the country.