Gupta AM Friday

Friday, April 21, 2023, 8:30 am – 11:30 am 

3 Non-Clinical Hours

Course Fee: Dentists: $39, Other: $26

AGD Codes:

Speaker:Dr. Ankur Gupta

Course Title:“Why Did I Get A Bill? I Thought I Paid In Full” and Other Awkward Conversations Mediated by a Hostage Negotiator

Course Description:

No matter how incredible your team, processes, and systems may be, dentistry will never be able to avoid uncomfortable situations and potentially angry patients. Dr. Gupta presents concepts from a former FBI hostage negotiator that will diffuse and create calm even during the most stressful situations in the office.

Course Objectives:

  1. Understand what is generally going through the mind of the other party during a contentious conversation
  2. Apply heavy, serious negotiating techniques to everyday conversations, like kid’s bedtimes, and daily chores
  3. Implement specific and systematic speaking habits revolving around active listening

       Gupta picSpeaker Bio: Dr. Gupta after completing a one-year GPR in Cleveland, started a practice from scratch in 2005.  Armed with what he considered adequate knowledge, hand skills, and a personable demeanor, he watched as his practice floundered, finances became un-predictable, and his lower back and spirit toward life became worrisome.  Rather than continue the trend, he made a guinea pig out of his office, family, and self; attempting any and all personal and professional “experiments” in self-improvement.  More than a decade later, he enjoys excellent new patient numbers and case acceptance, a solution oriented dental team; and most importantly, a meaningful and positive identity.  He happily shares the failures and successes with dental and community groups throughout the country, always ending his presentations with practical, implementable, step-by-step ways to be better