Stelly AM

Saturday, April 22, 2023, 8:15 am - 10:15 am 

2 Non-Clinical Hours

Course Fee: All Attendees - Free

AGD Codes: 552

Speaker: Janet Daniel Stelly, CPA

Course Title: Assessing Risks to Improve Profit & Reduce Headaches

Sponsored by: Janet Daniel Stelly, CPA

Course Description: 

Various risks exist in practices. The major risk categories include Financial, Operational, Strategic, Compliance, Legal, and Regulatory. Understanding and addressing them can save money by being proactive instead of reactive. Other benefits include fewer lawsuits, reduced non-compliance, better reputation, happier employees, lower turnover, and a safer environment. Doing a risk assessment to identify and analyze risks is the best tool for businesses to use. The main objective is to learn how to perform a risk assessment for your practice. The scope will include understanding what a risk is, identifying risks, rating risks, identifying controls already in place, gaps that need to be addressed, and making a plan to address risks as needed. It is not possible to eliminate all risks. A risk assessment is not a tool that is done only once. It is a living document that changes as your practice, technology, and environment evolves. Working with a risk assessment tool will allow you to be proactive in addressing potential issues within your practice. This allows for your business to be less chaotic with a safer environment, happier staff, better compliance, and less money spent on costs associated with risks. Upon completion attendees will be able to do a Risk Assessment for their practice.

Course Objectives:

1. Know what a risk is and how to identify them in your practice

2. Learn how to rate the risks to help you prioritize the top ones.

3. Understand the various controls that can help reduce each risk identified.

4. Identify any gaps for the risks you identified.

StellySpeaker Bio: Janet has over 30 years of experience working with financials & internal controls in the healthcare industry - hospitals. She was the financial leader most of those years and has transitioned to an internal auditor role for a large hospital system. She has worked with clinical and nonclinical leaders, and administrative teams to make the financial side of the business easier to understand. She is a mentor for Opportunity Machine where she meets one-on-one with entrepreneurs to help them with the financial aspect of their businesses. She also serves as a mentor for Innovate South where she meets with healthcare startup companies She is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and has an Accounting Degree. Website: