Jones PM

Friday, April 21, 2023, 1:30 pm - 4:30 pm 

3 Non-Clinical Hours

Course Fee: All Attendees- $39

AGD Codes: 550, 770

Speaker: Samantha Jones

Lecture Title: 10 Steps to Implement Your Ideas Successfully: The key to sustainable operating systems

Course Description: 

Do you and your team struggle to take your ideas for the practice to the finish line? This course is for the Doctor and everyone on the team! In this course we will walk through the 10 steps that help us to take important ideas from thoughts, to sustainable routines. Our practice operations are threatened everyday by the sometimes unpredictable nature of patient care. So in this course we will talk about how to identify the systems that need implemented, how to develop them, how to get them implemented in the practice, and how to make them stick. You won't want to miss this eye opening, organizational roadmap!

Course Objectives: 

  1. Learn 10 steps to organize and implement systems
  2. Discover how to use our "Implementation Tool Kit" as your @Compass (we will give this to you as a free gift!)
  3. Identify the blind spots in your practice that may be interrupting optimal practice performance
  4. Get comfortable using intentional communication and workbook like resources to solve your practices problems
  5. See the possibilities when it comes to having a practice that fires on all cylinders

jones picSpeaker Bio: 

Samantha Jones began her dental career at the age of 16. She became a dental practice manager in her 20's, where she developed administrative and clinical strategies to grow both the practice and the people within it. After 20 years "behind the desk" Sam branched out and co-founded Compass Dental Practice Solutions, offering dental professionals the same support, knowledge and strategies that founded her own success. She's known as an influencer and leader of thought in the area of intentional communication, practice financials and metrics, scheduling, systems and protocols, practice operations, treatment presentation and team development. She is also the CEO and founder of WOW Readiness program, a career readiness program that provides resources and job placement for underserved women.