Jones AM

Friday, April 21, 2023, 8:30 am - 11:30 am 

3 Non-Clinical Hours

Course Fee: All Attendees- $39

AGD Codes: 550, 770

Speaker: Samantha Jones

Lecture Title: Intentional Communication: Connecting with Clarity, One Conversation at a Time

Course Description: 

In this course we will explore all the areas of your practice (and yourself) that can be impacted by intentional communication. This course will help you see how you can impact your workplace environment by simply tapping into your ability to intentionally communicate. We will lean in to the human defaults around communication and learn ways to sharpen our skills for more fruitful outcomes, and a lighter work/life experience. Our focus will be on cultivating a healthy workplace culture, conversations with patients, and a Compass signature system...the Internal Study Club. We will dive into systems, ideas and how we can elevate our meetings, do we can experience the human-side to everything we do logistically. So wear your tennis shoes...It's Friday, we will laugh, we will learn, and bring your journals, because you may want to write this down!

Course Objectives: 

  1. Learn what intentional communication is, and how to do it
  2. How to use intentional communication to work better as a team
  3. Find our how to conduct your own Internal Study Club
  4. Discover ways to create communication "touch points" in your day to day
  5. Untap the potential of your performance by using top notch customer service skills

jones picSpeaker Bio: 

Samantha Jones began her dental career at the age of 16. She became a dental practice manager in her 20's, where she developed administrative and clinical strategies to grow both the practice and the people within it. After 20 years "behind the desk" Sam branched out and co-founded Compass Dental Practice Solutions, offering dental professionals the same support, knowledge and strategies that founded her own success. She's known as an influencer and leader of thought in the area of intentional communication, practice financials and metrics, scheduling, systems and protocols, practice operations, treatment presentation and team development. She is also the CEO and founder of WOW Readiness program, a career readiness program that provides resources and job placement for underserved women.