Kleive PM

Friday, April 21, 2023, 1 pm - 4 pm 

3 Clinical Hours

Course Fee: $153

AGD Codes: 610

Speaker: Dr. Mark Kleive

Workshop Title: Exquisite Temporaries Made Simple

Course Description:

The placement of temporary restorations is common in all dental practices because it allows patients to use their teeth during the manufacturing phase of their restorative treatment and evaluate any changes to their existing dentition. As a whole, the dental profession has not placed much emphasis on the importance of well-fabricated temporaries because their service is usually short in duration. The opportunity to improve patient function, practice efficiency and communication with the laboratory technician exists if we pay attention to modern materials and techniques. This workshop will help participants experience the advantages of using chemical cure composite resins (bis-acrylates) and the proper technique to fabricate temporaries that closely match the desired final restorations including shape, surface texture and polish.

Course Objectives:

  1. Master the fabrication of an appropriate matrix quickly and accurately
  2. Use modern materials that mimic the natural appearance of teeth
  3. Match surface texture and shine with ease


Speaker Bio: 

Dr. Mark Kleive earned his DDS degree with distinction from the University of Minnesota School of Dentistry in 1997. He received a Wealth Management Specialist certification from the Kaplan College for Financial Planning in 2018. Over his 20 plus years as a practicing dentist, Mark has had experience as an associate in a corporate dentistry clinic and as an owner of 2 different fee-for-service practices. For the last 11 years Mark has practiced in a beautiful area of the country - Asheville, North Carolina. Mark is both a Visiting Faculty member and the Director of Business Systems with the Pankey Institute in Key Biscayne, Florida. He is also a 2015 inductee into the American College of Dentistry. Over his career, Dr. Kleive has made a reputation for himself as a caring, comprehensive oral healthcare provider.