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Thursday, April 20, 2023, 1 pm - 4 pm 

3 Clinical Hours

Course Fee: Dentists: $68, Other: $28

AGD Codes: 495

Speaker: Dr. Sam Low

Course Title: The "New" Periodontal Disease: "Inflammatory & Risky"

Course Description: 

Periodontitis has entered into a new frontier as not only a major chronic infection but moreover a disease of chronic inflammation. Recent studies demonstrate that the incidence of periodontitis has been underestimated by 50%. Determining who is at risk and the corresponding therapy and management is a significant component of effective treatment. Dental school provides the science. This course transforms the science into actual dental practice.

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn an approach for managing inflammation as a systemic and local immune response with antioxidants and microthin ultrasonic/laser combos
  2. Recognize management of periodontitis as a major chronic inflammatory systemic disease
  3. Determine the role of traditional and non-traditional therapies in controlling periodontitis
  4. Utilize risk assessment to determine susceptibility
  5. Incorporate the new paradigm of periodontal medicine into the practice
  6. Consider genetics, diet (probiotics/nutraceuticals), and stress as variables in controlling disease

lowSpeaker Bio: As an associate faculty member of the L.D. Pankey Institute for 25 years and Professor Emeritus, University of Florida, College of Dentistry, Dr. Low's many years' experience training dental professionals is evident in his straightforward, informative, and entertaining teaching style. Dr. Low's presentations focus on creating positive interactions between dentists, periodontists, and dental hygienists through communication skills and continuous quality improvements to enhance esthetics, tooth retention, and implant placement.