Full Arch Guided Surgery (Part 1)

Saturday, April 9     8:45 - 11:45 AM

Course Description:  domingue cardBy the end of the course you should be familiar with surgical guide design in all aspects of full arch guided surgery: Tooth born guides, Bone guides, Hybrid guide design, Fixed provisional designs for immediate load, Digital denture construction, Advanced bone segmentation, Pilot drill guides, Full guided keyless guides, 3D printing, Armamentarium. This includes the surgical skill required to perform through to the printed or milled provisional delivery.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Understand treatment planning aspects in full arch rehab.
  2. Full arch reconstruction concepts and immediate loading protocols.
  3. Demonstrate techniques and armamentarium utilized for different surgical and prosthetic cases.
  4. Show full protocol for diagnosis, software planning, and surgical execution for complex full arch implant cases.
  5. Understand the limitations of bone, implants, surgery, grafting, bone guides, 3D printing, digital dentures, immediate loading.
  6. Simplify treatment planning, case presentation, and implement both phases of treatment (surgical and prosthetic).
  7. Cost Considerations.
  8. Dealing with Complications.
  9. Learn ways to generate thick attached tissue around implants without grafting.
  10. Discern what type of full arch restoration is best for a given patient's situation.
  11. Review of useful technologies for carrying these cases out in house.

Course Information

Date: Saturday, April 9

Time: 8:45-11:45am

Cost: Dentists $60  All Others $23

Most Appropriate for: Dentists

Credit Hours: 3 Clinical Hours

Academy of General Dentistry Code: 696, 697, 704, 695