WORKSHOPPractical Hands-on Oral Surgery for the Outstanding Clinician

Friday, April 8     8:15 - 11:15 AM

Course Description:  jeroff cardThis hands-on course covers case selection and basic surgical skills including simple third molar extractions and contemporary extraction techniques. This content is aimed at dentists who may not have had the opportunity to practise and become familiar with surgical extractions and are interested in taking the next step in extending their skills.

Topics include: 1. Case selection for surgical extractions. 2. Basic surgical skills - raising a flap, suturing and contemporary extraction techniques. 3. Crown Lengthening for restorative purposes 4. Socket Preservation and Grafting and the use of membrane.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Have a greater understanding of surgical risk, diagnosis, treatment planning and gain an appreciation of case selection.
  2. Know the basic instruments necessary to successfully perform dental office[1]based surgical extraction procedures.
  3. To understand the principles of surgical management of difficult extractions. 
  4. To recognize areas in which to improve , prepare and train to better perform surgical dentistry yourself.
  5. To differentiate between simple and difficult cases from radiographic and clinical examination. 
  6. To become familiar with flap design, and learn how to raise a flap without tearing the tissue.
  7. Become familiar with different suturing techniques and when to use them.
  8. Become familiar with surgical skills applied to surgical extractions.
  9. Know how to approach removal of teeth using contemporary atraumatic surgical techniques and understand the importance of this technique in modern day dentistry.
  10. Learn how to preserve the ridge after extraction with thin or missing buccal plate and do straight forward socket preservation, for example, use of membranes and graft material. 
  11. Understand the correct method of crown lengthening of teeth for restorative purposes.

Workshop Information

Date: Friday, April 7

Time: 1:15-4:15pm

Cost: Dentists $152 All Others $152

Most Appropriate for: ALL Attendees

Credit Hours: 3 Clinical Hours

Academy of General Dentistry Code: 310