Zadeh ParsaImmediate Placement - The New Standard in Implant Dentistry

Friday, May 7

Time:  3:15 - 4:15 pm
Fee:  No charge

Course Description:  There is no doubt that our patients do not like second surgeries for the same work. As a practitioner, we stand to lose money every time we perform a second surgery for the same procedure.  If we consider that the long-term end-result of an implant placed at the time of extraction is far superior than an implant placed in a resorbed/grafted bone, it stands to logic that immediate placement should be a preferred method when a tooth is being extracted and patient plans to replace that tooth with an implant. 

Until a few years ago, the implant designs did not allow initial stability in every clinical situation. Therefore, immediate placements were reserved for select cases and even then, they were regarded as having greater risk of failure. 

In 2012, Dental Evolutions Inc., a California based company developed Implanova®-the first “Smart Bone Management System© ”.  Seven years later, Straumann® presented its “Dynamic Bone Management System” in the BLX series.  Although the two systems are not identical, the thread design in these two implants are similar and allow immediate placement of implants in almost every clinical situation.  In 2021, with these implants being available in every market in the world, it is the opinion of this speaker that immediate placement must become the standard of implant placement

Learning objectives:

  1. To make the case that immediate placement is beneficial to dentists and patients.
  2. To revise the clinical requirements for immediate placements.
  3. To describe various systems for whom their design allows primary stability in almost every clinical situation.
  4. To show number of anterior, posterior, and full arch immediately placed implants with explanation of each case.
Course most appropriate for:  Dentists, Hygienists, and Laboratory Technicians
C.E. Hours:  1 clinical hour
Academy of General Dentistry Code:  697