March 19, 2020

The New Orleans Dental Conference & LDA Annual Session committee has made the heartbreaking decision that the 2020 conference scheduled for May 7 – 9 at the Hilton Riverside Hotel cannot be held.  After having suffered the cancellation of our 2004, 2005 and 2006 conferences due to the impact of hurricanes, we must confess to a certain level of disbelief that our fate includes another unexpected cancellation.  Our level of disappointment is steep.

Over the past several weeks, the committee gathered as much information as possible from local, state, and national authorities to adequately assess the feasibility of proceeding with a convention in May.  Because we appreciate that so many of our attendees look forward to this event and count upon it for their dental continuing education, we postponed this decision for as long as practical. 

Simultaneous with discussions relative to the May convention, we pursued the option to re-schedule the meeting for later in the year.  Unfortunately, there are simply far too many unknowns for us to commit to a future date during tropical weather season amidst the backdrop of uncertain economic times.  In view of all the variables of successfully executing a dental meeting of this size, the uncertainty associated with the ongoing health crisis, the proximity to other dental meetings, and the present and future financial challenges of our fellow dentists and dental team, it became obvious to our committee that re-scheduling carried too many risks to the New Orleans and Louisiana Dental Associations.

All registrants and exhibitors will be receiving a full refund.  Participants who used a credit card to register online will receive a credit to the credit card used for the original registration.  Participants who registered by mail will receive a check by mail.  Please grant us until the end of April to have this completed.  If your refund should be issued to someone other than the original primary registrant, please contact the conference office (504) 834 – 6449 no later than April 15.  If you made a hotel reservation, please call the hotel (504) 584 – 3999 to cancel your reservation and request that a confirmation of cancellation e-mail is sent to you.

I am immensely grateful to our volunteer dentist committee members and our NODA & LDA staff.  I am confident you all know how much time and effort is associated with planning these conventions.  On behalf of this amazing team, I extend my prayers to everyone reading this note that you, your family, and your dental team members remain healthy and safe.

The Louisiana community has proven before that it possesses the humor, enthusiasm, and fortitude to overcome hardship.  Such is the case for this Conference.  Please keep us in mind as we turn our focus to our 2021 conference, May 6 – 8 at Hilton Riverside Hotel.  Updated information is available on our website


James Burns, DDS

2020 General Chair