Cox DarrenReview of Oral Potentially Malignant Lesions with an Update on HPV Induced Lesions of the Head and Neck

Thursday, May 6

Time:  1:30 - 4:30 pm  
Quick Summary:  A great clinical continuing education course, this will be a thorough review to reduce your chances of missing a potentially malignant lesion, but also to include a timely update on HPV from a board-certified oral and maxillofacial pathologist.
Fee:  Doctors $63   All Others $22
Course Description:  Oral potentially malignant and malignant lesions of the head and neck will be reviewed with emphasis on recognition, diagnosis, and treatment.  In addition, oral mucosal lesions associated with the human papilloma virus will be reviewed with updates on malignancies of the head and neck caused by an oncogenic type of the human papilloma virus and how this malignancy is distinct from oral squamous cell carcinoma in response to treatment.
Learning objectives:
  1. Become more adept at recognizing oral pre-cancerous and malignant lesions.
  2. Become more adept at differentiating oral pre-cancerous and malignant lesions from common mimics.
  3. Become familiar with some of the adjunctive techniques used in identification of oral pre-cancerous and malignant lesions.
  4. Understand appropriate treatments and outcomes of oral pre-cancerous and malignant lesions.
  5. Understand what human papilloma viruses cause benign and malignant lesions in the oral cavity and other head and neck sites.
  6. Understand future directions regarding the HPV vaccine.
Course most appropriate for:  Dentists, Hygienists, and Clinical Assistants
C.E. Hours:  3 clinical hours
Academy of General Dentistry Code:  734 - 742