Braun JamesThe Best of Class: Lab Cad-Cam Crowns

Saturday, May 9

Time:  8:30 - 11:30 am
Course Code:  S 530
Quick Summary:  Each step introduces a variable that influences success or failure in the restorative process.
Fee:  Doctors $58   All Others $17
PARTIAL SPONSORSHIP for this course is provided by Tokuyama Dental America
Course Description:  This course dissects the latest options of premier lab all ceramic crowns and highlights their importance and relevance to the practice of restorative dentistry.
Learning objectives:
  1. To discern the options of all ceramic crowns available.
  2. Understand the unique and valuable dentist/lab relation.
  3. Undertake steps for precise impression taking.
  4. Determine the best cement system to utilize.
Course most appropriate for:  Dentists, Clinical Assistants, and Laboratory Technicians
C.E. Hours:  3 clinical hours
Academy of General Dentistry Code:  612