Cardoza AnthonyDentistry's Role in the Mass Disaster Scenario/Child Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence Recognition

Friday, May 7

Time:  1:15 - 4:15 pm  
Quick Summary:  We hope your office never becomes a focal point for evidence in a mass disaster scenario.  But think hurricane Katrina.  And every office will most likely encounter a patient who is being subjected to physical abuse.  Learn how to identify it and what to do if / when you do suspect it.
Fee:  Doctors $68   All Others $27
Course Description:  Dr. Cardoza will discuss the evolution of mass disaster management from the perspective of forensic dentistry.  Learn how forensic dentists have participated in events such as commercial airline crashes, tsunamis, hurricanes, and wildfires.  See how postmortem record collection has evolved from analog to digital, along with the integration of dental postmortem software programs.  Also, as health care professionals, you are mandated by law to report patients you suspect have signs or symptoms of physical abuse.  These patients may be children, adults, or the elderly.  The law assumes that you have had training on recognition of signs of abuse and, if you have not, the law requires you to become educated on the subject.  This course will familiarize you with what those signs may be as well as discuss what your reporting duties are and how to properly file a report if you do indeed suspect abuse.
Learning objectives:
  1. Recognize the use of dental records in a mass disaster.
  2. Understand the role of the forensic dentist in a mass fatality.
  3. Recognize signs and symptoms of physical abuse.
  4. Understand what your reporting duties are for a physically abused patient.
Course most appropriate for:  All attendees
C.E. Hours:  3 clinical hours
Academy of General Dentistry Code:  145, 156