Cardoza AnthonyDr. Anthony "Rick" Cardoza -- Last spoke at our conference in 2015

Laser Dentistry

Dr. Anthony "Rick" Cardoza is a general dentist in San Diego California.  He first incorporated dental lasers into his practice in 2001 for both hard tissue and soft tissue applications.  Dr. Cardoza has certification in the Academy of Laser Dentistry, the Academy of Clinical Technology, and the World Clinic Laser Institute.  He lectures extensively throughout the U.S. and Canada on the topics of lasers and forensic dentistry.

Forensic Dentistry

Dr. Anthony “Rick” Cardoza is a forensic dental consultant for the County of San Diego Office of the Medical Examiner, County of Imperial, Office of the Coroner, State of California Department of Justice and is the Director of the California Dental Identification Team (CalDIT).  Dr. Cardoza graduated from Northwestern Dental School in 1985 and maintains a general dental practice in San Diego, California.  He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Forensic Sciences and is a Diplomate of the American Board of Forensic Odontology. 

THURSDAY, MAY 6:  "Twenty-first Century Laser-Assisted Dentistry"

THURSDAY, MAY 6:  "Twenty-first Century Laser-Assisted Dentistry - A Participation Workshop"

FRIDAY, MAY 7:  "Dispelling the "CSI Effect" Myth - An Overview of Contemporary Forensic Dentistry"

FRIDAY, MAY 7:  "Dentistry's Role in the Mass Disaster Scenario/Child Abuse and Intimate Partner Violence Recognition"