2023 New Orleans Dental Conference/LDA Annual Session Committee
General Chairman – Dr. Keith R. Kyler and Dr. Kristopher Rappold
Budget – Dr. Mark S. Chaney
Entertainment – Dr. Victoria Boraski
Exhibits & Scientific Program – Dr. Keith R. Kyler/ Dr. Kris Rappold
Operations – Dr. Gabrielle M. Richard 
Public Relations –Dr. Dominic Calato
Scientific Support – Dr. Francesca Velasco 
Workshops – Dr. Erin Moore-Seale
Meetings & Exhibits Coordinator – Jeanne McFall
Advisory Committee –  Dr. David Hildebrandt, Dr. Gizelle P. Richard, Dr. James Burns
NODA Executive Director – Andrew T. Hale
2022-2023 NODA President -- Dr. James Burns

2022-2023 LDA Council on Annual Sessions

LDA President – Dr. Stephen Morgan
LDA Representative – Dr. Keith R. Kyler
LDA Representative – Dr. Erin Moore-Seale
LDA Executive Director – Annette Droddy
LDA Director of Conference Services -- Jeanne McFall