In our effort to become a more paperless Conference,

we encourage all attendees to utilize the Conference App


Step 1:  Download the app

The first thing you'll need to do is download the app on the device you're bringing to the event.

For Apple users, access the App Store.  For Android users go to the Play Store.

Search for CrowdCompass AttendeeHub.  Tap either Download or Install.

The app will look like this:  Screen Shot 2018 02 16 at 12.02.30 PM

Don't have iOS or Android?  Skip Step 1 and go straight to Step 2 to verify your account and use the mobile web version of the app.

Step 2:  Find this event

Tap the app and search for New Orleans Dental

Step 3:  Open the event

Tap the event

Step 4:  Log into the event

Tap Log In for more features.  Enter your first and last name where prompted, then tap Next.  The app will send an e-mail with a unique 4 digit code.

Step 5:  Verify your account

Enter the code and you are now free to use the app