The New Orleans Dental Conference & LDA Annual Session recognizes the unique continuing education needs and interests of Dental Hygienists.  Our 2018 Conference offers these courses of particular interest to Dental Hygienists.  (Check this page frequently for updates on our 2018 speaker program.)


Judy Bendit, RDH  -  Something to Chew On: The Effects of Aging on Oral Health  (3 clinical C.E. hours)

Judy Bendit, RDH  -  Paving the Way to Tomorrow: How Technology is Changing Delivery of Care for Caries Patients  (3 clinical C.E. hours)

Dr. Thomas Salinas  -  Dental Implant Procedures: Key Approach for the Practice of Today (2 clinical C.E. hours)


Dr. Stanley Malamed  -  Medical Emergencies  (3 clinical C.E. hours)

Dr. Samuel Low  -  Managing Dental Conditions of a "Boomer" Generation  (3 clinical hours)

David Meinz  -  10 Bonus Years!  (3 non-clinical hours)

Judy Bendit, RDH  -  Smart Practice Solutions for Better Patient Care - Reducing the Ouch Factor  (3 clinical hours)

Dr. Samuel Low  -  Innovative Periodontics: Creating Success in Today's Dental Practice  (3 clinical hours)

David Meinz  -  Energize Your Life  (3 clinical hours)

Judy Bendit, RDH  -  Reducing the Ouch Factor - Workshop for the Dental Hygienist  (3 clinical hours)


Dr. Glenn Dubroc, Jr.  -  What Dental Hygienists Should Know about Orthodontics  (2 clinical hours)