Nasr HishamCreating Soft Tissue Esthetic Profiles for Teeth & Implants

Friday, May 10

Time:  1:30 - 4:30 pm
Course Code:  F 440
Quick Summary:  Acceptable esthetics is not only about shade and morphology.  The soft tissues play a significant role in overall esthetics and this is something about which dentists and hygienists must work together to achieve the best results and satisfied patients.
Fee:  Dentists $60   All Others $25
Course Description:  The supporting soft tissues for teeth and implants constitute the framework for esthetic restorations which would reflect a more natural appearance in our patients’ eyes. Establishing such framework requires either additive or subtractive procedures in order to attain and maintain a sustainable result with long term predictability.  This presentation will review the critical factors that determine the final soft tissue profile when planning single tooth, partial and full arch rehabilitations.
Learning objectives:
  1. Understand the difference between tooth emergence and submergence profiles and their effects on soft tissues.
  2. Recognize the biological factors that determine long-term esthetic and functional success.
  3. Avoid common pitfalls that negatively affect outcomes when planning simple and complex restorative cases.
  4. Review complications seen in everyday clinical practice and how to manage them.
Course most appropriate for:  Dentists, Hygienists, and Clinical Assistants
C.E. Hours:  3 clinical hours
Academy of General Dentistry Code:  495